Prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun and wind can cause numerous eye problems, all of which are uncomfortable… some can even be dangerous. Many people are not aware that the sun’s harmful rays can cause the eye to become sunburned. Sunburned eyes are very uncomfortable, and along with wind exposure, can easily dry out the surface of the eye. This makes the eyes extremely vulnerable to various eye health issues.

Irritation from wind and prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially UV rays are considered to be the precursor to Pterygiums, a growth of flesh-like tissue in the corner of the eye that grows toward the cornea. This growth can eventually cover the pupil and impair vision and must be surgically removed.

Thankfully, there are options for those of us whom want to take precautions so we can continue to enjoy ourselves in the water and on land, too!

SeaSpecs offers watersport specific sunglasses that provide total protection from the wind and the sun's harmful rays. SeaSpecs high-quality, impact resistant plastic lens are Polarized to block harmful glare and provide 100% UVA/B protection from the sun’s intensive rays.

Their secure strap system keeps the light-weight glasses comfortably on your head where they belong to protect you while you’re in the water. And SeaSpecs float in the ocean so you may never have to lose your sunglasses again!

SeaSpecs offers different tint levels so you can get the best vision possible regardless of the environmental conditions. For example, on bright, sunny days the grey lens model would be your best bet and SeaSpecs offers 4 frame color options with the grey lens. During the early morning and late afternoon periods – dawn and dusk, the Sunset Specs (brown lens model) provides perfect protection without comprising your vision. Finally, for overcast or extremely low-light conditions – even nighttime when protection from wind and water is essential, the Crystal Specs model (clear, non-polarized lens with 100% UVA/B) is the perfect choice.

SeaSpecs retail for only USD $49.95 – surprisingly inexpensive considering the typical cost of land-based sunglasses. Anyone that is an avid watersport fan whom surfs, wind surfs, kite surfs, kite boards, jet skis, kayaks, skis, rafts, boats, sails or enjoys fishing regularly will tell you that a product that can keep you in the water safely and comfortably for long periods of time is PRICELESS!